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As required by OSPI all Washington State Clock Hours must have an evaluation attached to each course. These anonymous comments are just a few randomly selected from the comment section of each individual evaluation, that our educators have responded to when they have completed their course - some may be yours!

Great program! Thank you for being so helpful! Thank you for being helpful over the phone!
I especially appreciate the opportunity to gain clock hours for the time we as teachers sacrifice of our own time in order to better ourselves professionally.
This was such a great course as it encouraged me to go beyond in research. I have a great beginning on a poetry unit that the kids absolutely loved. The first lessons are so very engaging that it captivated their attention. I also applied the concept of choosing the ideas I wanted them to master... wrote those into objectives, wrote assessments for the objectives and focused my curriculum development to such.
This course gave me the latitude to develop new strengths and craft older ones I so enjoyed uploading my files as I was very proud of them... I also think the study log is very helpful.
I didn't realize just how much time I put in to curriculum... and I had my 30 hours in when I finished developing the first 7 lessons.
I could work on my laptop in the car, in my home, or at school after classes...
My students benefited from this experience!!!
This was an effective course in helping me to organize and put my materials in a manner that I can use them more effectively in the classroom.
This has been a long, but extremely valuable journey for me.
There is no doubt that I used this opportunity to put into practice in my classroom the math teaching professional development offered by my district.
I did not have any technical problems.
Taking the time to complete this work will improve the math instruction in my classroom to all students.
Thank you for making this so flexible.
I like the study method as it creates a personalized objective and allows the teacher to focus on something relevant to better that individual's teaching.
It is a great way to become more reflective and to really evaluate what we do and why we do it, then to reform and become the best practitioners possible.
Adding technology and the use of the internet with this course makes more accessible and better aligns with my available hours to take a class. This format allows the teacher a chance to take a class best suited to one's needs.
Creativity and problem solving are abundant.
I enjoyed challenging myself by developing a new course of study that will enhance my social studies unit on native Americans, but will (hopefully) offer an enriching and relevant creative element to the Native American legends that accompany my unit. The unit will kinesthetically involve the children, challenge them to engage fully, and learning to work cooperatively. I hope that this inclusion of study provides for a more dynamic study.
This course gave me an opportunity to really think through and begin to develop a story drama unit, in a clear and concise manner. Knowing exactly what my teaching goals and objectives were, this enable me to focus more on developing sequential and precise lesson plans that would build the desired skills one at a time.
This enabled me to really make logical progressions with my development of this curriculum, and to think about very specific desired assessment outcomes.
I love the flexibility to work on my assignment at my own leisure and when it works with my schedule.
Being on summer vacation was an added bonus. I also appreciated the first two lessons, which really helped me to begin organizing my thoughts, goals, objectives, materials, and learning outcomes. Once this was established, it made the development of the unit much more focused. I do not plan on using technology throughout this unit. As I mentioned above, the steps of this course enabled me to have very clear goals, objectives, and learning outcomes. It also gave me the freedom to brainstorm, think outside the box, and develop a creative approach to children's literature that will truly enhance my social studies program. I like have the flexibility to work on this unit at my own leisure and convenience (and from the comfort of my own home).
I feel that I have developed a creative, enriching curriculum for story, and will continue to develop lessons for the remaining two books. I am excited to begin teaching this unit in the upcoming school year.
Course was not taken in a presentation mode, but instead online from office.
Course was taken online and not in a presentation format This is great! This was a great way to learn new material. It is nice to know that I was able to do something that will pay off directly in the classroom.
The best and most productive clock hours I have ever earned.
These hours on learning Camtasia and creating videos for my classroom may be the best time spent in the 23 years of taking classes for re-cert.
Allowed me the opportunity to complete project that I have been wanting to do for a year.
I enjoyed pushing myself to really integrate reading into the Health & Fitness classroom. This is something that is looked at as a difficult thing to do and yes it is not easy but I felt success in making it happen.
I was surprised at the amount of time it took to complete the activities for one book. I only got three books in the time for this class. I will finish the others this summer. I worked on books used in my classroom, finally. I love being able to do things that I will actually use in my classroom and get clock hours for that. What a huge help. I completed 7 novels in the allotted time. I will complete three more before school starts. The rest have Novel Ties available for purchase. I will purchase those Novel Ties so all the novels I have can be implemented for the school year. I loved the freedom of this learning.
My colleague and I met this summer - each armed with our books and laptops - and this provided great jumping off points for our collaboration! Perfect - we chose the area to focus in on --- one that we plan on using in September to better our teaching. The directions were very clear.
Easy to use! Can't get better than working in your own home!!!
I really like that I have the freedom to choose new literature, music, media and creative options to study, learn from myself, and prepare some outlines to use in a class setting. This form of online course is the most effective for me personally. I have the flexibility to search out news articles on various topics within the literature and add these into outlines and lesson plans. I like the time flexibility and the ability to attach outlines and articles to show what I have been studying and keep these items for later. I hope you offer more classes like this that allow us to explore outside the classroom.
Good course.
Made me reflect on my teaching. Had me come up with new ideas and see that they worked. Had to find new ideas and test them.
Very helpful.
Well-designed course.
Good feedback through e-mail.
Had to download some new applications but it worked out okay.
Thanks for making this available.
The course gave me broad enough choices so that I could chose a topic I need help on. I also was able to start where I needed to start (at the beginning) in order to build a foundation for what I can do in the classroom with current writing expectations and requirements from the state. Reviewing all of the writing requirements for each grade will help me know ahead of time where to start with any grade I may be teaching. It also is a nice refresher on my own writing skills.
I liked being able to focus and attach my own assignments for each goal.
I liked that I could work on the course whenever I had free time.
I liked that I could look back at what I thought I would accomplish, but see that I had bitten off too much work.
It's hard to find clock hours for this type of work that is necessary to better my teaching.
Again, the major problem with this type of educational experience for me is the tendency to get off task when I stumble on fascinating information during research. What is astounding is the volume of information available to teachers and student on the internet.
The attempt to keep up with current trends in information shows even more the need for better writing in communication so information is clearly understood.
I welcomed the opportunity to use this technology ...always learning something new is a good thing
Really facilitates my busy schedule! I enjoyed finding articles that applied to my learning target and gleaning new information.
I feel I am more aware of the means I use to communicate to parents.
I was able to access this site from work (after hours) or home and it made my success increase. It was easy to follow and created a clear outline to follow.
The use of technology increased as I used the internet to find scholarly sources.
This course was designed with the teacher's input and was therefore easily tailored to create the best possible outcome.
Teachers who are engaged and feel their learning will have a direct impact on their teaching are more inclined to succeed.
This course challenged me to think about it instead of just do it. As a teacher I don't take the time to think as much as I should. I really gained by doing so.
I am not very technologically intelligent but this course made it very easy.
Prior to this course, I would have been too intimidated to enroll in a technology course of any kind. After seeing the results of taking this course, every minute of time I spent on this course was devoted to developing teacher and student skills.
Working my way through this course was much easier than the first course I took. I was able to work through the assignments in a very logical way and additional ideas that came up throughout the course made it a work-in-progress until completed.
Everyone was a winner regarding increasing technology knowledge.
I was challenged to use technology in a way that other courses may not have offered. It also was a natural progression for creativity to be a unique element for the course.
I appreciate the format of this class.
The hours I spent were very productive and the students were very excited to participate.
It was a great project for the end of the year to keep the students focused and engaged. The students were so proud of their manuals and I made certain that they knew I appreciated their help and will the manuals in all of my future classes.
I have enjoyed taking this course!
Due to the research, great web site to do the objectives of the course.
This was sooo useful.
I was able to study and learn things that I felt are important for my classroom and I could spend my summer time taking the course when it was convenient.
Thank you so much This was my first time taking an on-line course of this type.
I will admit, I was very nervous about doing all the steps correctly. When I contacted your help number, the person I spoke to was very reassuring, very friendly, and put me at ease. I really enjoyed this course--it forced me to look at some aspects of my teaching that I've gotten lazy about, and I discovered some new activities, plans, strategies, etc. that I will use in my classroom that I think will further engage my students in their own learning. Thank you.
I will definitely be able to use what I learned in this course in my classroom; I am very excited to try out some of the new things I read about and downloaded.
I have bookmarked many of the online sites I discovered to go back to in the future. Although I thought I knew most all of the good teacher sites, I found many new ones that will be very helpful. The structure was a little difficult for me, at first.
My husband teaches online courses for Gonzaga University, using the Blackboard system, and I am fairly familiar with that. But as I got into the course, it became easier, and very doable. This course definitely supports online learning by having the student work at his or her own pace--the structure of the course allows the student to come and go, so to speak, without looming deadlines.
This course encouraged me to assess technology to enhance my learning and teaching in ways I hadn't used before, i.e., videos, blogs, online chats, etc.
The technology aspect greatly enriched the course content and enriched my learning--I learned so much!
I felt this course was extremely convenient and appealing.
To be in charge of my own learning time was wonderful! I had lots of fun taking this course; it was nice, actually, to have the time to explore and research parent-teacher communication and classroom management plans, two areas that are so important in the elementary classroom.
I look forward to taking a course from your organization again. Thank you.
I was definitely challenged by the lack of traditional assignments. Once I understood the process I appreciated being able to focus on actual classroom activities and evaluations of the students' progress.
Every moment I spent on this class was applicable to improving my teaching skills and content of my lesson plans.
The structure seemed a bit unclear until I was into the course. The phone call to your office, helped me tremendously. Once, I understood the process, it was an exciting process to finish the course.
The course certainly opened my mind to consider developing original and creative approaches to teaching standard subjects I am grateful for finding your continuing education opportunity.
While the non-traditional curriculum was a challenge at first, I soon appreciated the fact that time spent on this course was all relevant to my current teaching environment and was void of any wasted time on other more traditional courses.
This course allows me to be a better teacher to my students.
As a member of a new Professional Learning Community (PLC) organization, I think that spending a great amount of this course simply becoming more familiar with how a PLC works, how to collaborate and structure group time, and how to best serve students will be hugely beneficial to me.
The PLC model is an entirely new way for me to look at teaching, so my brain is on information overload! I have learned so much...there are have been too many Aha! moments for me to count.
As always, your courses allow me to pursue my professional growth in the way I learn best: to read and digest materials at my own pace. You helped me to set my original goals, and that gave the scaffolding to truly see what I wanted to do.
Because this course was more interpersonal, the technology was useful as a means of keeping track, rather than as a prime mover.
Because I have been able to focus on the PLC system in my own way, I have come to understand it far better than being at a two or three-day workshop.
This has been the best way for me to learn and grow. Thanks.
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work through PLC materials in this way. I think every teacher should take this course.
I felt like I was able to brainstorm and come up with great ideas for my classroom This is the first time I have taken an online continuing Ed class. I look forward to taking them in the future. I like the idea of creating learning activities that pertain to what I am currently working on in the classroom.
Very practical usage.
Wonderful to be able to challenge myself and work at my own pace.
I was able to research information that I can actually apply to my curriculum The instruction with application following is a great teaching strategy This is a convenient way for me to become a better teacher
I love my24/7 ed
It is something that sounds so easy in your head and challenges you to really demonstrate it.
I am able to work before and after school hours.
I enjoy using my time for things I need to discuss and meet about regarding my students.
This part of the course is extremely beneficial for all of the multi-tasking teachers do.
This course was a lot of work, but worth it. By producing an actual product, it forced me to finally finish something that I wanted to do for a long time. And now I have something that I can use over and over again. Also, I intend to revise and make copies for other educators in my building.
Very easy to follow.
This course was a lot of hard work, but I am very excited at the product that I now have to market.
The format for professional development is great.
Time was not spent on irrelevant things, but working to create a pertinent and practical math program for primary students with special needs.
During the school year, I am not able to create a step by step, systematic program of math concepts and skills based on his or her individual needs. I love it!
I will recommend this to other professionals in my unique area of education.
Very applicable to my personal interests and needs.
I will definitely use this site in the future.
Easy to use.
Learning environment was the best for me. Great!
I appreciate this service and will definitely recommend it to other professionals. By preparing information to present as an in-service, has facilitated professional growth.
Very easy to use.
I appreciate being able to do this from home.