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my247ed.com (24/7 Educational Services) aggregates, develops, markets and delivers professional development and college/university credit courses in compliance with the standards and procedures set forth by individual States. All courses offered on the my247ed.com site are approved or accredited per the requirements of each individual State and their respective State Education Boards'.

These courses are then made available online, via CD-ROM, video-cassette, audio-cassette, streaming video, a combination of several, or through the traditional classroom setting, and can generally be completed at the discretion of the educator over a year's time (depending on the course requirements). Users of my247ed.com's site can easily track professional development opportunities and credit hours completed with my247ed.com or independently of my247ed.com within a secure area of the of my247ed.com's Professional Development Management System (PDMS) on its website.

24/7 Educational Services, my247ed.com is a privately held education company founded in 2001. Its founders – all current or former teachers and administrators, have a broad technical, engineering and business backgrounds and a rich history of creating and teaching courses throughout the United States and overseas. By combining a wealth of learned knowledge and lifelong experiences with new and proven educational training methods, my247ed.com provides a much needed change the way that professional development training is selected and delivered.

The products and services my247ed.com delivers allows educators to take courses at their own pace, at a schedule they set and location they desire. This is truly a one-stop-shopping location for all continuing education needs. It eliminates the frustrations of searching in several different places for needed professional development and credit hours by offering the courses all in one easy location--the Internet. It allows educators to have easy access to a diverse selection of professional development courses, improving the probability that the educator finds a subject of interest. It's available at any time, not simply after school or on Saturday, and eliminates the need to find transportation to and from any seminar location.

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